Leslie Bailey's Bodacious Breakfast Sub

Leslie's bodacious breakfast sub!

Fresh green and red pepper strips
Purple onion
4 oz cream cheese softened
Chopped scallions
Conecuh sausage
Patty sausage
5 eggs
¼ cup of rotel hot
Fresh italian or french loaf of bread
Hot sauce to taste

Mix cream cheese and chopped scallions.
Slice french or italian loaf almost through.
spread the top of the sandwich with the cream cheese and scallion mixture.

To build, put a layer of patty sausage (already cooked)and them pepper/onions etc…top with sliced conecuh sausage.

Scramble eggs in butter and add ¼ cup of rotel when done.
Spoon on top and cut into pieces to eat.  Or just eat the entire thing yourself!!