Day Long Manhunt Ends in Capture

A day long manhunt for a Georgia fugitive is over. It started early Monday morning with an accident on interstate-85..but the man didn't stick around. Police used the items in his car to identify him as Sean Dibble from Georgia. They also found a 9-milimeter hand-gun in the car.

That's when police began their pursuit. After finding the handgun deputies also found out Dibble was wanted on several felony charges in Georgia including aggravated assault, cruelty to a child, and several drug charges. Fearing an arrest.....Dibble took off into the woods on foot but was no match for deputies and search dogs.

After hours of searching deputies finally cornered Sean Dibble......much to his surprise.

"I out ran 10 dog and 2 helicopters before, they never had a chance," said Dibble.

But his luck wasn't as good today. He was tracked down in Elmore County just five miles north of Emerald Mountain. There he was shot in the foot by a corrections officer. His other foot was also pretty beat up from running barefoot through the woods.

"He gave them a run for their money but the tracking dogs they usually get their man ...they got him, said Phil Sanders, Special Operation Commander.

Deputies feel he never had a chance once he left his car.

"You can run in the city, but if you go in country, and the dogs get you, you don't have a place to hide. You may run a while, but the dogs they won't stop," said Sanders.

And the dogs didn't stop. Two sets of dogs were used throughout the day because of the heat. There were at least 15 to 20 sheriff deputies involved in the search. None were injured. Dibble's warrants are based out of Cartesrville Georgia. He's wanted for severely beating his wife and children with his fist and cell phone.