Editorial: Kick the can

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Well the people have spoken and the proverbial budget can has been kicked down the road another three years.

It's a fact that the budget without an influx of cash would not have balanced (which it must according to the law) and would have forced the Governor to make widespread cuts to the budget effecting people and programs.

But now there is no need to worry because we have voted yes on the constitutional amendment that will move $437 million dollars into the state General Fund alleviating the need to make tough budget decisions.

But let's fast forward 3 years when we've caught up to that budget can kicked down the road and ask the question – what now? Are we all so naive to think that 3 years from now everything will be back to normal – whatever that is?  Those necessary and obvious decisions should have been handled now.  Whether those decisions were to raise taxes, consider a state lottery or trim even more governmental spending – all should have been on the table.

So we encourage everyone to pick up that can themselves today and hand it to our current lawmakers and get some answers now.  It's the least they can do in return for the yes vote received on Tuesday.

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