Transcript: Troy Trojans' press conference - Montgomery Alabama news.

Transcript: Troy Trojans' press conference

Opening Statement

It was a great win for us; it was not very pretty. Sort of like the UAB game, but only the score was higher at UAB. I knew we were going to be challenged by a philosophy and that philosophy was to bunch up and run dead at you with an offense that had some big guys and good runners. We were going to have to do a lot of moving and getting in position on defense as far as adjusting to those things. We did a pretty good job, we certainly weren't perfect. They were (combined) 3-of-17 on third and fourth down conversions and that's pretty good. On critical downs, that's pretty good. 

The defense set us up around midfield and we took a two-minute drive and got it down there in position and hit them with a post route to the inside receiver and got back even. They (North Texas) in the course of the first half missed some gadget plays that we didn't cover the tight end, a very well-designed one I might add, but they over threw it. There was no question they were in the game to the end. 

We fought back and forth in the third quarter and finally got a go-ball and Chip (Reeves) ran by the corner. Chip made a really fine catch and separated after the catch to get us up. Neither kicking game produced any yards which was kind of weird. All punts were fair caught and all the kickoffs were not run out, which was a little unique. 

‘We had one turnover; we got one turnover on the onside kick. It was a great call by Shayne (Wasden) and Benjy Parker. Will (Scott) made a great kick; I can't tell you how great that kick was.  Of course we didn't score there, but it took a possession away from them which was good."

On the Troy defense holding North Texas to just seven points last week

"Well I've been telling y'all, it looked like we're a little better, a little deeper and growing together on defense. I know this, the two games we've won I've never been in an exciting locker room than those two games. Something is being laid out there to makes these guys appreciate a win. I think we're getting better and the defense is starting to figure in. We need to make sure we don't take a week off; we need to keep getting better, keep preparing. I think our coaches have done a great job with the plans. I am proud of the defensive output, but we still weren't anywhere close to perfect, but we had a lot of people playing hard. "

On Troy's 2-0 road record to start the 2012 season

It's sort of backwards. It sort of depends on who you play at home and we've played two pretty good teams and two good teams on the road. We've tried to make the two (road trips) very similar on where we stay and what we do. It maybe something that's helped us on the road. We've had a road game, two home games and a road game and with except for flying there all pretty much alike. I'm hoping we can get to feeling good, get a pretty good plan and go to Mobile and having a good outing because I think we've got to play good to win.

On the first match-up between Troy and South Alabama in football

This has been rivalry for a long time. There is some energy between these universities already with men's and women's sports and it's a natural thing for college football to be special, especially in-state. They've got plenty of motivation, period. That is part of it.

On the effort the team has put forth so far in 2012

These guys have worked hard; they've put a lot into this team. It shows when they are able to win that they are excited about what they've accomplished. They worked hard in the offseason and they've been the beneficiary of a lot of effort by support staff, coaching staff and administration. They've been beneficiary of a lot of older players wanting this season to be different from last season. I'm proud of where this team is. It's all about winning and momentum. 

On coaching against former Troy players Duwan Walker and Brian Turner

Duwan Walker and Brian Turner are guys that played for me and both of them worked for us at Troy. Both of them are accomplished football coaches and good recruiters. I'm sure they'll coach hard and try to get their team ready. I hope they know we're going to try to do the same thing. I hope that no matter what happens, whether we win or they win, I think the three of us will handle it with class either way.

INFORMATION SOURCE: Troy Athletic Department

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