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CR 12 Pie Lab in West

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From the outside, it looks like a nice place for dessert.  But it's so much more.   The Pie Lab is located in downtown Greensboro in West Alabama.    It starts with the people who work there.  "We get people placed with us from DHR or other groups and its often their first work experience," said Pie Lab manager John Wilkerson.    It's a place for at risk youth or people with no job experience to get something on their resume.    "It builds their confidence and helps prepare them for the working world."

The Pie Lab was created by a non-profit group in Hale County called HERO.   Along with giving young folks a chance at a fresh start, it also wanted to create a place where people can socialize and come together.   "It was kind of like a social experiment at first.  The goal was to bring people together over pie and coffee and give them a place to meet and talk."   It's working.  The place is packed with folks from all walks of life, reading, talking, and being active in their community.

The inside is unique too.  All the decorations, countertops, and furniture is stuff they found and fixed up.  

Some of the workers say the Pie Lab brings a nice slice of culture to Hale County.  "I think it's a great concept of using baking to reach out to the community," said worker Lindsey Beckworth.  "Greensboro is a poverty stricken area so it's cool they're using this to build the economy."

It's more than a slice of pie.   It's a chance at work, a place to come together, and a way to give back.

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