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Former lobbyist Jennifer Pouncy faces sentencing today


The bingo corruption trial is back in the news today as the first person to plead guilty in that case is scheduled to be sentenced this morning.  Former lobbyist Jennifer Pouncy will go before U.S. District Judge Keith Watkins in Montgomery for that sentencing hearing.

Pouncy's attorney plans to argue that since she cooperated in the early stages of the investigation, she deserves to be free on probation.  She faces a maximum of five years in prison.

Jennifer Pouncy was an employee of former lobbyist Jarrod Massey who is now serving a prison term for his role in a conspiracy to buy votes for pro-gambling legislation.

Pouncy cooperated with the FBI and investigators starting in late spring 2010 and she testified at both federal trials.

Federal prosecutors are recommending that Pouncy serve two years in prison, saying that even though she did assist in the investigation, she was motivated by greed to offer bribes.

Federal prosecutors also filed papers this week, opposing a third delay in reporting to prison for Ronnie Gilley.  He has asked for more time  to recover from surgery.  Prosecutors argue that the federal prison system can provide Gilley with the post-operative care he might require.

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