The Alabama-China business summit continues today - Montgomery Alabama news.

The Alabama-China business summit continues today


Round two of the American-Chinese Partnership Symposium got underway in Monroeville yesterday.  Seventy-five people representing 66 Chinese companies are in town with plans to build a stronger relationship between the two business communities.  The initial meeting took place in mid-March.

The relationship between Alabama and China began last year when the copper tubing company Golden Dragon decided to build a plant near Thomasville.

Marine Ma, a Chinese business owner tells WSFA 12 news, "we're going to see if there are any good products made in Alabama that we can export to China because we Chinese people are very interested in made in the U.S.A. products."

"The workers in this state work hard, they take pride in what they produce and they are good, hardworking people that will always help your company make a profit," Governor Robert Bentley told the Chinese contingent.

The American and Chinese businessmen say this symposium is more of a roadmap in building a stronger relationship.

The symposiums were started by American entrepreneur George Landegger, who built, owned and later sold 60 pulp mills in 23 countries.  One of those mills was in Monroeville.

Organizers predict that by this time next year, Monroeville will see new jobs as a result of the summit.  The symposium continues today.

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