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Valley 10-year-old holds toy drive for kids in hospitals

Emily's Toys 4 Joy runs through Oct. 31 Emily's Toys 4 Joy runs through Oct. 31

Being admitted to the hospital is no fun for anybody, especially a kid. So, what could help make the experience maybe a little better? How about a toy?

A serious dog bite put Emily Fawcett in the hospital a little over three years ago. She wound up needing 50 stitches to close her wound, but receiving a new toy helped take her mind off the pain.

"It just distracts you, it's something to play with and something to hug and cuddle with," said 10-year-old Emily.

That inspired Emily to help take away some of the pain for other kids in the hospital.

"When I got a toy in the hospital, it made me feel better. So I told my mom that I wanted every child to feel the way I did when I got a toy," said Emily.

And she's on her way to doing just that. "Emily's Toys 4 Joy" runs through Oct. 31 and its purpose is to collect new toys to be donated to kids at five Valley hospitals.

"Every year I want to get more toys. The first year we had 2500, the second year we had 3500, so this year I want to get more," added Emily.

But it's not just toys. Emily and her classmates at Desert Sage Elementary came up with "feel better letters" as another way to encourage and inspire sick kids to get better.

Emily's mother, Kelli, emphasized how proud she is of her daughter. She said this is an example of how something that started off so bad ... turned into something so good.

For more information or to donate to Emily's Toys 4 Joy, CLICK HERE.

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