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Thompson: MPS to hire private investigator following grade changing allegations

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MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Montgomery Public School Superintendent Barbara Thompson says she will request approval from the school board to hire a private investigator following allegations of grade changing at a Montgomery high school.

During a press conference held today regarding grants given to MPS, Thompson also stated that next week she will ask the board to approve her request to hire private investigator John Mulligan. Thompson says Mulligan is a retired FBI agent who has also worked with the Attorney General's Office.

Thompson stated the school district will be hiring an independent investigator because she says they have no proof that there is anything going on at MPS with regard to grade changing.

"The alleged allegations are serious enough for us to really examine," said Thompson. "These are issues we take very seriously, and there are things we need to investigate."

Thompson added she sees situations like this as a win-win. On one hand, if they know these incidents are happening, they can fix it. On the other, if the investigation shows this isn't happening, it can validate what the schools are doing.

"It is something that as a part of a school district, academic integrity is part of who we are."

While Thompson said the grade changing allegations surround Montgomery high schools, she would

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