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Traffic cams that don't ticket popping up in Montgomery

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The future of traffic light technology is popping up at intersections all over Montgomery. These video detection cameras are watching traffic, and telling lights when to change from green to yellow to red. 

City of Montgomery Traffic Engineer Bubba Bowden watches a feed of a select few of them in his office. "When a car pulls over the changes the color of the zone and shades it in," he explains regarding the monitors on his wall.

These cameras are replacing the underground sensors we used to see at intersections. "We have so many failures with the sensors, that we're constantly at some locations having to go back and re-cut the sensors again." 

Bowden says it saves money in the long run. "It kinda equals out depending on the size of the intersection. We've seen how our maintenance cost has gone down in that respect."

While Bowden keeps an eye on traffic around the city, he insists this is not an example of big brother watching. "I couldn't tell you who's in what car or what color the car is, I can't even zoom in to see what the tag number is… I do not record any video whatsoever in this office."

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