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Students watch debate with interest

Colleges and universities in our area hosted watch parties for the debate.  It gave the opportunity for students and professors to discuss the issues and give their reaction to the debate.

Students gathered at Alabama State University, Huntingdon College and Auburn University Montgomery to watch the debates.  A lot of the students have already made up their minds, but were interested to see how the candidates matched up.   

"They're basically laying out their plans for the country in the coming years, and President Obama, he's had four years thus far," said Patrick Osborne, an ASU senior.

"I think it's actually good to wait a couple of days after the debate to wait and see them come out and clarify things, and then we'll have a real good numbers on where he stands in the polls," said Trace Zarr, a senior at Huntingdon, and Vice-President of the College Republicans chapter.

Meanwhile, their professors said students actually learned a lot in the debate.

"Both candidates are very well-informed about public policy," said  I think it's a good quality debate compared to some in the past," said Professor Jeremy Lewis, Chair of the History and Political Science Departments

Some of these students actually have midterms and large projects this week, so them taking a couple of hours to watch the debate is definitely a sign they're engaged in the election with just weeks to go.

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