Editorial - "Presidential Pivot"

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Did you watch the debate on Wednesday?  I did, and like so many others I certainly have an opinion about who won and who lost. But, did you notice something?  It's something that has become all too common in politics.  The debaters did a typically masterful job of dodging the questions.  They….and I mean both of them, the President and the Governor, so often didn't even attempt to answer the question that was asked. I don't know about you, but the continued dodging of questions, to me at least is frustrating.

In the game of basketball to pivot you keep one foot firmly in place while holding the ball and moving the other foot in any direction as you decide where to pass the ball.  Did Wednesday night's Presidential debate feel like one big pivot to you with question after question posed by the moderator followed by pivot after pivot by the candidates?

When someone asks you a direct question what do you want in return?  A direct answer is what most everyone would say.   We certainly don't feel that was the case during the debate and I for one just wanted to yell at the screen, "Answer the question asked!"

Might we respectfully suggest a few things before the next debate on October 16th.  Number one, if you don't answer the question that was asked of you your time is up. Number two, have a moderator that keeps a firm grip on the clock and holds the candidates accountable to the tough questions asked. Number three, give each candidate 4:00 minutes at the beginning and the end of the debate to get all of their memorized talking points out of the way.

We Americans have two more debates to learn as much as we can about the plan you have for this country in 2013 and beyond and we have a lot of direct questions – please give us some straight answers.

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