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Ala. political activists focus attention out of state

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Democrats and Republicans alike have all but awarded Alabama's nine electoral college votes to Mitt Romney.

So if this state is a foregone conclusion, is there any role for local activists? Yes, if they're willing to travel or spend hours on the phone.

Alabama Republicans couldn't hide their happiness about Mitt Romney's performance last night.

"He clearly won that debate," said TJ Maloney, Executive Director of the Alabama Republican Party. "He showed American voters he's ready to be president, he had a commanding knowledge of the economy, the healthcare situation, he showed he's ready to be president."

Even state Democrats seemed to concede it was Romney's night.

"The challenger does do well in those first debates," said Bradley Davidson, Executive Director of the Alabama Democratic Party. "He has very strong style, very short on substance. He told a lot of lies last night."

But thanks to the electoral college system and an overwhelming lead in the polls for Romney in this state, Alabama Republicans and Democrats aren't spending much time campaigning for their presidential candidates here, they're heading across state lines.

Republican volunteers are heading to Florida, North Carolina, and Virginia.

And Democrats?

"The presidential campaign has been utilizing volunteers from Alabama for months and months now to call voters in Florida and we've been traveling by the caravan load for weeks now on the weekends," Davidson said.

"It's because states like Florida and North Carolina, Virginia, and Ohio, those swing voters in those states, are going to choose the direction of this country for the next 4 years," Maloney said. "So it's important as Republicans in Alabama, we support those Republicans in those states."

Both party operatives say technology has allowed them to make thousands of calls from this state to undecided voters in other states and still feel like they have "skin in the game," even if neither candidate is likely to make a single public campaign stop in Alabama between now and election day.

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