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New small pox virus may kill form of breast cancer


A brand new small pox virus could be the key to killing a virulent form of breast cancer.

Researchers at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center infected triple negative breast cancer cells with this small pox virus and found it almost totally eradicated the breast cancer.

This specific small pox virus not only infects and breaks down cancer cells, but it  also cuts off the tumor's blood supply.

This could lead to a more targeted therapy for this deadly form of breast cancer - that typically affects young women.

Researchers are comfortable using the small pox virus in the first place against breast cancer because there's already a small pox vaccine available, making it a safer way to solve a deadlier problem.

Look for a clinical trial to evaluate the safety of this new virus in people.

This year, more than 220,000 women will be told that they have breast cancer. They are all ages and colors.

If you want to help fight this disease head on, sign up for the Liz Hurley Ribbon Run for Saturday, October 20 in downtown Huntsville.

Monies raised will be used to continue to upgrade the mammography equipment at Huntsville Hospital's breast center and purchase brand new 3D digital mammography equipment for a new site at Madison Hospital.

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