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9-year-old AZ girl using duct tape to make a difference

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If you have kids, you probably already know that duct tape is all the rage these days.

It now comes in all sorts of colors and patterns, leading to all sorts of inspirations, but one valley girl is using duct tape to make a difference.

It all started when the young girl realized there just wasn't enough awareness about ovarian cancer in comparison to some of the other cancers.

She came up with a business plan and some duct tape to get her vision to stick.

Maggie McBride, 9, has learned one of the many uses of duct tape is to give hope.

"I feel really great about it. It could really help other people," McBride said.

The fourth grader at Fireside Elementary School has spent many a recess fashioning wallets out of duct tape, carefully cutting and pressing together one-of-a-kind designs, all to raise money for ovarian cancer awareness.

"My grandma had ovarian cancer and she almost died from it," McBride said.

While her grandmother survived, McBride's never forgotten her battle so she now sells each wallet for $5 and is giving $4 from each sale to charity and keeping the other dollar to buy more duct tape.

"This one boy I sold a wallet to, he called me like, ' wallet girl,' something like that, and I thought that was really cool," McBride said.

It's an act of generosity her family hopes will serve to bind others together.

"Maggie doesn't take for granted the fact that her grandmother is alive today and I'm hoping that she, her charity and her heart affects those other students around her," Maggie's aunt Melanie McBride said.

With just a little ingenuity and quite a few rolls of duct tape, Maggie McBride has already raised $100 for charity with wallets that have others putting their money where her heart is.

"If you're a kid or adult, it doesn't really matter, as long as you try, you can make a difference," Maggie McBride said.

And her newfound business isn't getting in the way of her school work, she is now a straight-A student.

She said she used to hate to study but changed her attitude because she wants to achieve her dream of becoming a doctor.

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