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Residents outraged over possible park development

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Lakefront house across from the proposed home site Lakefront house across from the proposed home site
Crescent Park--the site for nine possible new homes Crescent Park--the site for nine possible new homes
Developers' plan for the nine home sites Developers' plan for the nine home sites

A Pike Road park is in the middle of a neighborhood battle.

Crescent Park in The Waters subdivision has been a green space for years. Residents use it for holiday get togethers and many consider it a neighborhood playground.

But developers who own The Waters want to build new homes there and some say it's like taking away a piece of their property.

"It's just a place where I can go and say this is my backyard. This is a place where I get to go and hang out with my children," says Corey Ballard.

Ballard and some fellow Waters residents fear if nine homes are built in the area, the most scenic spot in the subdivision will be compromised.

"Having to now take the drive home and look at the backs of houses rather than looking at the green space and the view of the lake," says Ballard.

"Nobody likes to see the landscape change, but sometimes in developing businesses things do change," says Philip Black, a Waters resident who believes new homes will benefit the neighborhood.

"I think in so many ways it will improve the property values all the way around. We have some really nice residences out here already and I think it will only improve."

Some residents believe if development happens at Crescent Park, activities on the lake, like fishing, will be no more. But realtors say developers are making a point to work with the residents' wishes and provide public access areas for activities to continue.

"Common area park here. Another park in the middle which we're calling Crescent Point Park. Nothing's gonna change on this spot. There will still be a cart path, there's gonna be a civic structure," says Jennifer Atkins, Vice President for Marketing and Operations at The Waters.

Atkins says if building begins, there will still be 18 acres of green space at The Waters.

She admits demand for new homes is rising.

"We've already got a contract on one of the lots. We have had interest. It's a unique piece of property and of course it's special to a lot of people," says Atkins.

The Pike Road Planning Commission must approve the project before homes are built.

Realtors say the spot is not zoned as green space and therefore is available for residential development.

The Pike Road Planning Commission meeting is Tuesday night at 5:30.

Representatives from both sides of the issue are expected to speak.

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