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McCain or Payne? Tallassee set for runoff election

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It's come down to this for voters in Tallassee; keep the current mayor in office or elect the former mayor. It's a showdown between incumbent George McCain and challenger Bobby Payne. The voters will decide Tuesday in a run-off election.

Fred Randall Hughey was the third man in the race, but he was defeated in the general election. Hughey has publicly endorsed Mayor McCain for another term.

On the final day before the election, Mayor McCain says he feels good about his chances of getting re-elected and believes he's done all he can do to convince voters the city is moving forward with a much better infrastructure in place.

"You never know how these things are going to come out," McCain admits, "but I feel real good with the response I've had."

Challenger Bobby Payne is counting on his 20 years as mayor before being defeated four years ago by McCain as the key difference in this race.

"I sincerly believe that the people want to go back to a common sense approach," Payne explained.

In Tallassee the race had been relatively clean until this week. In the local paper there is a political add criticizing the former mayor's performance when he was in office. The ad in question is said to be paid for by the businesses and citizens for a progressive Tallassee.

It claims that under Payne's leadership as mayor the city lost more than 750 jobs, held up construction of a playground and added that when Payne left office the city was owed $200,000 worth of unpaid utility bills.

Payne claims none of it is true, calling the ad 'misleading' and the timing 'a cheap trick.'

Mayor McCain says he had nothing to do with the ad and didn't want to comment on it because he didn't know who was responsible.

Payne's campaign is also claiming the mayor could have stopped it from being printed even if McCain wasn't behind it because he knew about it beforehand. McCain says he has no authority to prevent a paid advertisement from being printed.

Tallassee has around 2,500 registered voters, and typically, about 1,500 of them turn out on election day.

More than a few voters didn't want to go on camera, but they indicated they can't wait for this to be over with. McCain and Payne couldn't agree more.

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