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Alex City Mayor's Runoff Election

Alexander City resident Travis Pressley says it's time for a new mayor in Alex City.

"[I'm] just waiting on something new to come in. We need new in Alex City, new business, new infrastructure, new from the bottom to the top," Pressley said.

Voters will decide if Charles Shaw or Mark Lamborne will be the change for Alexander City.

Shaw earned the most votes at 957 in the municipal election. He is a Tallapoosa county commissioner and has served on the board of education.

"Jobs is number one right, education would be second, infrastructure number three," Shaw said.

This is Mark Lamborne' s first time running for public office.

"Alex city needs a change; change it improve it's image back, try to bring in new industry. Forget what we used to have and start forward. This is a new era for Alex City," Lamborne said.

He runs an electrical construction firm that's currently doing work at the Alex City airport. He knows it will be a hard-fought race, but he already has an agenda in mind.

"First day in office I want to start two things: I want to start a 10-year- long range plan where Alex City knows where it wants to go in the next ten years. And I also want to start a new program to make Alexander City business friendly," Lamborne said.

Both candidates anxiously waiting and residents gearing up for a new day in Alexander City."

The current mayor Barbara Young in person and she says if she wasn't getting older, she would run again. She served as mayor for eight years and says she will most likely spend her time at home with family and volunteer.

The city clerk hopes 50 percent of the city's 10,000 registered voters will turnout Tuesday.

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