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CNN host decries USA teen's fatal shooting

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Piers Morgan of CNN's "Piers Morgan tonight" Piers Morgan of CNN's "Piers Morgan tonight"

Piers Morgan, anchor of CNN's "Piers Morgan tonight", is weighing in on the death of University of South Alabama freshman Gil Collar calling the shooting, "another gun, another senseless loss of life".

Morgan spoke of the case in Monday evening's edition of "Only in America", admitting there were numerous unanswered questions, but stating that he knew "a naked, 5 foot 7 inch, 135 pound 18-year-old college freshman does not pose a significant risk to a police officer to justify being shot dead."

The CNN host said he did not believe the Collar shooting would gain the nationwide attention of cases like that of Treyvon Martin or the Aurora, Colorado movie theater massacre. But he added, "Gilbert Collar could have been my son. He could have been your son."

Morgan said he was reminded of his own 19-year-old son, whom he says, "is, I'm sure, getting up to all the ridiculous kinds of things I did as a freshman."

Morgan said Collar may have been a "silly boy, or a disturbed boy. We don't know," and surmised that it didn't matter. "He didn't deserve to die."

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