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Commission approves Pike Road development


It was a tense atmosphere at that meeting and despite the planning commission voting in favor of the developers, residents against the construction of those nine new homes say this is far from over.

It was a unanimous yes for the commission, approving preliminary plat number three for the Waters; that's just the legal wording for the lots the homes will sit on.

There was a lot of support for the new construction, but also some opposing. Outbursts rang from the crowd during the meeting, some pleading to keep the park. Developers say they have the legal right to build there. It's a decision that's divided the subdivision. One resident felt the commission was bullied into their decision. Another says the discussion is not over about what's going to happen to crescent park.

"They were told that they would be sued if they didn't get what they want. I felt like they didn't protect the people of Pike Road. We're the people of Pike Road. They are the people of Birmingham so it just really disgusted me," Pike Road resident Vivi MacRory said.

"Hopefully we can begin the process of showing that we can be really good stewards and that we are doing it the right way because these are fairly expensive lots and it will be expensive homes," Development Company Chairman Tommy Brigham said.

"This is the beginning of a long discussion over what's going to happen to Crescent Park," Pike Road resident Nathan Norris said.

Town attorney Dole Fuller says the council cannot override the commission's decision. He says residents not satisfied will have to take it to the courts if they want to appeal because there is no municipal appeal provided for by the rules governing their decision.

The developers say their next step is to start the engineering process and get final plat approval before construction begins around the first of the year.

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