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RAW VIDEO: Great Blue Heron baby nursed back to health

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

From Tucson Wildlife Center staff:

The Tucson Wildlife Center got a call about a great blue heron lying in a parking lot in an apartment complex in east Tucson. 

When crews from the center arrived at the scene, they found a heron that appeared to be dead.  They began emergency treatment at the Tucson Wildlife Center. 

The heron was very thin and weak from lead poisoning, caused by carelessly left behind fishing tackle.

After a few weeks, he gained strength and was able to stand on his own.  Once they moved him outside he readily ate fish from his pool.  This once listless bird was now flying! 

A few weeks in the flight enclosure allowed him to stretch his wings and build his strength.  He was released into a wild habitat surrounded by Southern Arizona ponds and streams.

Here is YouTube video from the Tucson Wildlife Center of the heron being released:

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