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Rash of vehicle thefts in Dothan area


You may feel like you and your belongings are safe at home, but you may want to think otherwise. Dothan has had a recent rash of vehicle break-ins. Most of those are happening in residential areas.

"We feel a since of security in our own homes and vehicles in driveways of someone's home are often left unattended and unsecured," stated Sgt. Rachel David with the Dothan Police Department. 

It seems the thieves really haven't had to do much work because, according to investigators, the vehicles weren't even locked.

"We think that it is a crime of opportunity in this particular situation," said David. "We have not seen forced entries into any vehicles. So, we are asking that you make sure you are locking your vehicles. 

Another simple step you should take, hide your belongings. Put your GPS device, purse, and any other valuable items in the trunk, out of sight for those who may be looking for something to take. 

David said, "When we have seen this before, they will tell us that while walking into a store they walked by a vehicle that was unsecured with a purse in the front seat and while they had not intended on approaching and breaking into the vehicle suddenly there is a temptation there and they have stolen the property." 

Dothan Police also recommend:

  • Do not keep the keys in the vehicle, especially in plain sight, i.e. in the ignition
  • Park in well lit areas
  • Use a locking gas cap.
  • Know your tag number. State law requires the tag receipt be in the vehicle. Comply with this law but make a photocopy to keep in another place in the event the vehicle is stolen
  • Inventory the property in your vehicle such as the CD player, electronic devices, speakers, etc. and record all serial numbers. Engrave your property with your name as this will aid in the recovery of stolen property     

Police say they have made some arrests in these cases but they want you to do everything you can to make sure you don't fall victim.

If you have any information about these cases or your vehicle has been broken into,  police ask that you contact them immediately.

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