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Former Russell County Deputy Coroner accused of ethics violations


Commission says an unidentified tipster complained that Tyson was double billing the county and using his business, Special Transport Service to transport bodies and get an extra check.

"In state law, it's against the ethics law, if you are a public official, to do business with a business you are associated with," defense attorney James Anderson said.

We went to Tyson's home to speak to him; he declined to go on camera but had a lot to say about this issue. Tyson says he volunteered with the coroner's office for two years before taking a part-time job as Deputy Coroner.

He told me he submitted bids for the transport jobs and that coroner Arthur Sumbry Junior accepted the bids. Anderson says there are several explanations for the allegations against Tyson, in particular, double billing the county.

"You might transport the body from the crime scene to the morgue, that's one transport. Then, you go from the morgue into forensics in Montgomery, that's another transport," Anderson said. "Where you might get a bill for moving the body of Tom Jones and then another bill for moving the body of Tom Jones; It appears to be a double billing but, it's actually two different trips."

It's reported Tyson made more than $5,000 dollars from transporting bodies.

Calls to Russell County Coroner Arthur Sumbry Junior were not returned.

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