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Mexican consulate moves to downtown Phoenix

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Mexico has claimed some new land in the shadow of downtown Phoenix.

The Mexican consulate has a new location and the new building could be beneficial for citizens of both countries.

From the moment the flag was raised and the doors opened on Oct. 1, there has been a steady stream of people filing inside the Mexican consulate seeking any number of services.

"We have the most beautiful view of downtown Phoenix," said Victor Trevino, the Consul General of Mexico.

Trevino said the proximity helps his staff better communicate with state and local leaders.

"In terms of the economy, we need to work together. We need to work as a region and this is a great opportunity to do that," Trevino said.

He arrived in Arizona just after SB 1070 was passed and while relations between Mexico and Arizona may be strained, he sees great opportunity for growth.

"We have this interconnection, we can share the tourism and we have a lot of things in common. It's time to see the border as an asset and not just as a zone of conflict," Trevino said.

Many of the new customers are young people like Heriberto Camarena, a "DREAMer" now able to get a passport without fear of deportation for the next two years.

"It's just a big blessing, you know. Just knowing that they are going to give us a chance to prove to people that we're not just here, but we're going to work hard to accomplish our dreams," Camarena said.

But with the new Mexican administration taking over in December, and the U.S. inauguration in January, Trevino sees the move and this time as a new beginning to improve everything from trade, to tourism, to border security.

"We are not just neighbors. We are the first trading partner of Arizona. And also, we are allies against terrorism and organized crime. Let's work together," Trevino said.

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