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Leaders work for solutions to violence


They are startling statistics.  Montgomery police have added another homicide investigation to their case load every day this week. There have been arrests in four of the five cases, but most people would agree, the violence should never have happened in the first place.   

Montgomery's Police Chief said he will take action not only to solve the crimes, but get to the root causes of the violence.

"This is unacceptable, to have this many murders in the city is just unacceptable," said Kevin Murphy, Chief of the Montgomery Police Department.  "And we need to come together to start coming up with solutions to prevent it in the future."

Chief Murphy announced the city will be with working the Dr. Earnest Blackshear, a professor at Alabama State University to work on solving the root causes of violence.  Dr. Blackshear believes many young black men have lost trust in police, and try to take matters into their own hands.  He also said the constant exposure to violence has led them to exhibit symptoms of Post-traumatic Stress Disorder.

"Individuals who have post traumatic stress disorder are very aggressive they are very angry, and if they're undiagnosed and untreated, and they're not in school, we just have a situation on our hands, "Dr. Blackshear said.

Dr. Blackshear plans to work pro bono to find and treat young people who may be showing those signs.  He is also in discussions with local schools to work with at-risk young people.  The community will need to buy in as well, but it's a cost that's worth it when you consider the untold costs of murder on a community. 

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