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WSFA 12 News Exclusive: Murder victim's mother speaks


The family of 24-year-old Bobby Jackson is still in shock after police say 16-year-old Corey Hughes shot and killed him Thursday night.

"I haven't grasp it yet. I mean I can close my eyes and all I do is see his face," Jackson's mother Shirley Reese said.

Reese says her son and Hughes were friends, but Hughes tried to take his money after a dice game. She's calling his death a senseless act.

"I don't understand it. His family don't understand it. And it's like we done lost two people. He gone and my son gone," Reese said.

Bobby was his mom's only son and the youngest of three children.

"We hurting on the inside because we will never be able to see him again," Reese said.

The incident happened in the backyard of family friend Anne Jones' house.

"I believe he was trying to shield me because he told me to go back inside. I said what's going on? He said, this boy out here going crazy, he done shot me," Jones said.

Jones says she saw Jackson bleed to death. She too lost her teenage grandson to gun violence last April.

"I just hadn't been able to sleep or nothing cause all I can do is see his face and he was asking for his mama," Jones said.

The victim's mother encourages her son's friends and other family members not to retaliate or take their anger out on other innocent people.

"When something like this happens, it's shocking, cause that's all we wanted to do was retaliate. But you know after we calmed down and we think about it, it's really not worth it," Reese said.

Jackson will be laid to rest Saturday at 2p.m. at King Hill Baptist Church.

Hughes is behind bars. He's been charged with murder.

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