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Autauga County Schools to replace bus fleet

The Autauga County School Board voted to approve a long-range transportation plan Monday night.  The system will purchase 36 buses by the end of the year and hopes to replace all of buses over the next 10 years.

It's been five or six years since the system purchased new school buses, and the superintendent said the older the fleet, the more problems arise.

"Safety, number one, and number two, the older a bus gets, the more it costs for parts and maintenance starts to run up," said Spencer Agee, Superintendent for Autauga County Schools.  "And number three, the state gives you no fleet renewal money for any bus over 10 years old."

The system will use the fleet renewal money from the state to gradually replace the 146 buses in its fleet. The total cost of the plan would be close to $4 million.

Also ambitious is the system's long-term capital improvement plan.  Agee wants it to include renovations and roof repairs at some schools and expansions for Marbury and Prattville high schools in 2015. 

"When you look at Prattville High School, they don't have any open classrooms at this point.  Every classroom is full," Agee said. "And we're going to look at a joint improvement of athletic facilities at Marbury High School and add some classrooms at the same time."

Agee and other school leaders will continue to work on the plan over the next few weeks. Spending could reach more than $5.3 million dollars.  The school board has to approve it before any construction can begin.

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