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Tax decrease unwanted in Alabama county

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Children walk to lunch at Union Springs Elementary School Children walk to lunch at Union Springs Elementary School

Just say the word taxes and chances are you'll spark a controversy.

But not in Bullock County.

Voters there will soon decide whether to extend a property tax that could have a drastic effect on the school system if it isn't passed.

"We don't want anything to hurt the school," says Bullock County resident Moses Harris.

"It would be devastating," adds resident Beverly Stewart.

The Bullock County school system relies on property taxes to fund the schools--just like the other counties in Alabama.

In all, the system gets more than $1.5 million dollars from property taxes.

But some of those taxes are up for renewal on the November ballot. If voters don't pass the renewal, the school system loses $650,000 dollars.

"We as teachers could perhaps have to spend more money out of pocket," says Donyetta Blue, a teacher at Union Springs Elementary School.

While $650,000 dollars may seem like a drop in the bucket compared to the system's overall 16-million dollar budget, that money means the difference between teaching or not.

"It helps us with the technology and the materials we need for our reading center such as sentence scripts, markers, dry erase boards," says Blue.

WSFA 12 News talked to everyone from local pastors to law enforcement officials, businessmen and residents about the tax renewal. If you mention the fact that the schools would lose money if the tax isn't get one response.

"It's important to me and all the citizens because kids need to go to school," says Harris.

"I don't think our schools need to lose that money," adds Stewart.

There is a similar situation in neighboring Barbour county.

Instead of extending an existing tax, the school system there hopes to pass a new 4-mil tax to generate an additional $350,000 dollars for the schools.

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