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Blount County folks say they were fraudulently added to petition

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A vote to legalize alcohol sales will go forward on November 6th despite allegations of cheating. Several people in Blount County say their name is on a petition calling for the wet/dry referendum, but they claim they never signed it.

"I know this is nothing big to some people but I didn't have the right to sign that paper or decide not to sign that paper," Clint Moon said.

Blount County Probate Judge Chris Green's office is now compiling a list of the people that say their names were fraudulently added to the petition. But the group, Blount Countians Supporting the Benefit of Alcohol Sales, believes it's fear not fraudulence behind calls to the courthouse.

"What we have in this county is a number of people who are being confronted over whether or not they put their names on a petition. We have ministers standing in church saying if their congregants don't take their names off the petition they'll have to withdraw from their church. I think that a majority of the people calling in are afraid," Bonnie Peavy said.

"Anything is possible, but as far as me and my family we didn't sign the petition to begin with," Moon said.

Whether the names were added to the list without voters knowing or citizens are just fearful of the fallout from supporting the issue, both Peavy and Moon know that at this point there is really no turning back when it comes to the vote.

"The point on which to contest it has passed. It's actually on the written ballot, the absentee ballots that have been mailed out. People have actually voted on it now," Peavy said.

"As far as this point all we can do is go vote," Moon said.

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