Editorials: "Viewer Feedback: Anti-Bullying Month"

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Our Anti-Bullying Month editorial prompted a number of responses wsfa.com and on our Facebook page.

The first comes from Joel and he writes, "There is no way to stop bullying. It's sad but true, so long as there is any difference between people there will be people who exploit that and bully the different. I was bullied in school so don't think I'm not sympathetic. But the only way to overcome bullying is to not care what someone thinks of you. Be the you that will make you happy and ignore those that don't like you."

Joyce responded that bullying doesn't just affect children alone, "Adults are also bullied by others. My daughter was being bullied by adults who then they turned their anger on me when I stood up for her. They made fake profiles of me and continued to bully me and went as far as filing false reports to hurt me until I stood up for myself."

Lastly a viewer writes, "If this is going to have any traction, then the schools must also severely punish bullies--and stop the silly "equal punishment," in which (even in clear cases) a child defending themselves from a bully's assault is punished the same amount as his/her attacker."

As always, we encourage and appreciate your feedback.

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