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Rep. Ed Ableser wins AZ Senate seat in Legislative District 26

Republican Jerry Lewis, Democrat Ed Ableser Republican Jerry Lewis, Democrat Ed Ableser

Democratic Rep. Ed Ableser has won the Arizona Senate seat in Legislative District 26.

Ableser beat incumbent Republican state Sen. Jerry Lewis, of Mesa, who was last on the ballot when he beat Russell Pearce in a November 2011 recall election.

Ableser, of Tempe, is the current State Representative in District 17. He said he entered the race so he "can continue to fight for public education, working families and affordable healthcare for all."

A mental health counselor in the public school system, he received his bachelor's and master's degree from ASU and is currently pursuing his doctorate in Justice Studies, according to his campaign website.

The Democrat said he is a fighter for consumer protection, liberty and fiscal responsibility.

Education was among the issues touted by Lewis. During the campaign, the Republican said policies and resources must be aligned to attract and retain the best teachers. According to his campaign website, Lewis said he supports efforts to help students achieve their maximum academic potential by empowering schools with the authority to create and implement successful strategies while holding those schools accountable for that success.

On immigration, Lewis opposes open borders.  "I support a rational and fair solution for dealing with immigrants who have committed no crime other than being here without proper documentation," he said on his website.

On the economy, Lewis pledged to work to make Arizona's business climate conducive to job growth and expansion. He said he would work with business and government leaders to restore Arizona's and Mesa's positive image and reducing or eliminating unnecessary government intervention and regulation.

Newly redrawn Legislative District 26 includes Tempe, Mesa, Phoenix and the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community.

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