Editorial: Lacking Leadership

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - There was quite a spectacle at last Friday's Montgomery County Board of Education meeting.  As the meeting was about to conclude it was disclosed that the President of the school board had circulated a letter to local elected officials, unbeknownst to the other school board members, calling for a state takeover of the Montgomery Public School system and that an interim superintendent be appointed.

The objective of any School Board should be to establish goals and standards; assess and account for progress and to continuously improve. Effective school board members should exhibit a strong commitment to working with others on the board toward the common goal of providing the best possible education for the children in the community.

You are failing miserably on the "strong commitment to working with others on the board" aspect of the job. This has to change as it has become an embarrassment and a sideshow to what's most important – working together cooperatively to improve our schools.

Our children, our Montgomery Public School system and our community cannot afford for the dysfunction to continue a moment longer. If things don't improve then don't be surprised come voting time when ballots are cast for someone other than you.

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