Editorial: "Feedback: Lacking Leadership"

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - This week's editorial "Lacking Leadership" focused on the issues our Montgomery County School Board has working together and the problems brought about due to a continued lack of open dialogue and collaboration. There were plenty of opinions and here are just a few we received on wsfa.com and on our station Facebook page:

Sandra Kay writes, "I believe that the point made by the letter even existing is that there is a breakdown on all levels of the Board.....from the superintendent down. The obvious reverse discrimination exhibited by Mary and evidently practiced by the superintendent has undermined any true progress that the Board could even hope to accomplish."

Chris adds, "… I can assure you our current Superintendent has no idea what is going on in the schools. Granted she has an uphill battle but she ignores the real issues. She is hard to reach and does not pay attention to the real problems. I am proud of Mrs. Meadows for working so hard to improve our schools. I just wish the board would address the real problems in our schools." 

And finally Shane writes "Your editorial on the school board was so wrong. Have you seen the Montgomery public schools? The board has not been able to do what is needed because of the liberal tilt. The last election was trying to put more conservative view. Sometimes if you cannot change things for the better you ask for help. I am glad the member asked for the states help. Maybe you should report why the member asked for help …."

As always - we appreciate and encourage your feedback.

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