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Mosses making headway with ridding the raw sewage issue


With money in hand, the town of Mosses can now move forward with something they've been trying to do for decades.

"For the first time, not being reliant upon a septic system," Hill said.  

The Black Belt soil and raw sewage issued has plagued Lowndes County.

Mosses Mayor Walter Hill says the plan is underway to disconnect septic tanks at 90 homes and connect these homes to the water sewer system; residents finally having access to modern-day plumbing.

"We secured the engineering. We are now in the beginning phase of advertisement portion of it," Hill said.

Mayor Hill broke the news to Pauline Johnson who's lived in this house for 44 years with the same septic tank that's has cost her $20,000 to maintain.

"I always had trouble, a lot of problems with it. It's a big relief. I call it a blessing," Johnson said.

Mayor Hill says construction will start in January. A new partnership with the water department has been created.

"The water authority and the city agreed in a partnership to begin immediately making ready for the next phase, which that phase will take in every resident and business and include additional expansions to prepare for the next round of connecting every resident in this community to a sewer," Flowers said.

Catherine Flowers with the Alabama Center for Rural Enterprise has been pushing for more funding. She says this is a good step, but only the tip of the iceberg.

"The state needs to step up and make this a priority so that we will not see even more third-world diseases that are related improper waste water," Flowers said.

Just to put in perspective, flowers says nearly three thousand residents countywide do not have modern-day water sewer systems and are living among raw sewage. 1100 of those residents live in Mosses.

Mayor Hill says he hopes to partner with neighboring Gordonville to be able to assist residents in there efforts to connect to a water sewer system. So far, that town has not received funding.

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