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Bible banner controversy prompts community rally

Bible banner supporters rally across from Marbury High School Bible banner supporters rally across from Marbury High School

Expect more Bible verse banners at the Marbury High School football games--despite a national watchdog organization's warning the banners violate separation of church and state.

It has the Marbury community rallying around their religious banners and taking an even greater stand.

Signs of support for scripture at school is all drivers could see as students, faculty, and local residents lined the sides of Highway 31 North in front of Marbury High School.

"Wow, our community's amazing. And we have such a great support group behind our school," says Marbury Senior Hailey Crowe.

The rally is a direct result of a letter sent from the Freedom From Religion Foundation.  It said a former Marbury student complained about a banner with a Bible verse on it--saying it was offensive to non-Christians.

The foundation urged school administrators to stop using banners like this claiming they violated the separation of church and state.

But the school system and many community members disagree.

"I don't think it's right for them to tell us what we did was unconstitutional because in the constitution it says we have the freedom of speech and the freedom of religion," says Marbury cheerleader Michaela Thompson.

The Marbury High School cheerleaders created the banner.

In fact, many say the Bible banners are nothing new.

"It has been a tradition that Marbury has long been long been encouraged by Christ," says supporter Wendy Tatum.

Tatum says the banner inspired the T-shirts many supporters are wearing.

"Started the order last Saturday afternoon and then by Wednesday had sold 500 shirts."

While the Marbury community isn't backing down, the Freedom From Religion Foundation says they aren't either.

Right now the Autauga County School Superintendent has no intention of responding to the foundation's letter.

The foundation president says they'll keep reaching out to the school system until they take action.

However, they cannot sue the school system unless someone willing to be a plaintiff in the case comes forward.

The Foundation for Moral Law, based in Montgomery says if the school system is sued, they will defend them at no charge.

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