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Voter Fraud: what to look for


Montgomery resident Marvin Stinson says because it's such big election, he's concerned about voter fraud.

"I'm worried about something counted or not being counted right. I do," Stinson said.

And that's why Alabama Secretary of State Beth Chapman is urging voters to make sure they know what's legal and illegal.

She's encouraging voters to be on the lookout for suspicious activity inside and outside the polls.

"The biggest complaints we get are the same people being inside the polling places telling people how to vote. That's illegal. We get a complaint of people handing out information at the door of the polling place. That's illegal," Chapman said.

Marking multiple ballots is an obvious sign of voter fraud but Secretary Chapman reminds voters of even the small things.

"Don't wear buttons into the polling place. Don't wear T-shirts for candidates into the polling places and just stay clear of anything that could even have a misrepresentation of anything that's wrong," Chapman said.

She says there are some fine lines and that's why she's pushing to educate voters to help prevent voter fraud.

"A lot of the complaints we receive in the past is the same person going back in and out of the polling place all day long. You know the goal is to go into the voting place, cast your vote, get out of the polling place," Chapman said.

Switching gears to voting day Tuesday, Secretary of State Chapman says you can dodge the crowd if you go to the polls between 10 a.m.-11 a.m. in the morning and 1:15 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. 

You'll find helpful information on our website including a link on how to file a complaint about voter fraud and a number to report your concerns.

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