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Class Act: Tuskegee Institute Middle School

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It wasn't exactly her first choice, but it turned out to be the right choice.  Chandra Hooks has been teaching at Tuskegee Institute Middle School for 8 years, but that wasn't her first career choice.   "My first career choice was a lawyer," Hooks said.  "My mom said I like to talk and argue a lot so I would be a good lawyer, but that didn't work out.  So I had a backup plan.  One of my mentors said I would be a good teacher."

It has been a perfect fit.   She loves the 8th grade.   "It's a challenging grade because they are going through puberty, but I like getting to bond with the students."  She hopes they'll leave her classroom with more than just good grades.   "My philosophy of teaching is making sure they acquire knowledge.  No matter what material items you have the one thing people can't take from you is the knowledge you've gained."

She's passing on a whole lot of knowledge and getting these kids ready for high school.  Congratulations Ms. Chandra Hooks, this week's Class Act.  

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