Guest Editorial: "One America"

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - A few days ago, you cast your votes for candidates you felt would best lead various City, County, State, and Federal governments in various positions for the next few years.

In the best interest of ourselves and future generations, we MUST accept the outcomes of all elections even if the candidates we supported did not win.  There is no reason for the winning side to feel they have any advantage over the losing side by making disrespectful and hurtful comments, "as we're all in this together, and the only REAL losers are those of us who perpetuate these negative behaviors."

Let me remind ALL of us, WE ARE NOT RED STATES AND BLUE STATES on a network news map…we are the United States of America; and that being so, it makes us the greatest nation in the world.

Please join me as we move on with our daily lives, as life itself will present enough challenges for each of us to last until the next election.  Congratulations to the winners in each election, in the words of the late Rodney King, "can't we just all get along."

Barbara Mays

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