Kerry's Alabama Campaign Reacts to VP Choice

The national election is four months away, and the Alabama Democratic Party is hoping people in Alabama will vote for Senator John Kerry and his new running mate.

Tuesday morning, Kerry named North Carolina Senator John Edwards, a former trial lawyer, as his Vice Presidential candidate. No Democratic candidate has won Alabama's electoral votes since 1976 when President Jimmy Carter did it.

Ted Hosp is the organizer of John Kerry's campaign in Alabama. He says, "We have got a lot of work to do in Alabama. We have known that from the start. It has been quite a while. But, what we have got now is an incredibly positive team of Senator Kerry and Senator Edwards. They are focused on the issues which matter most to the people of Alabama, like the economy, manufacturing jobs, and healthcare."

At this point, no trip to Alabama is planned for Senator Kerry. Republicans have already unleashed a 22 page internet attack on Edwards. A TV ad is also running in battleground states saying Republican Senator John McCain was Kerry's first choice.