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Andrew Thomas considering run for AZ governor

Andrew Thomas Andrew Thomas

Former Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas has announced he's thinking about running for Arizona governor.

He released the following statement on Tuesday.

"Polls show most people believe the government is broken and corrupt; citizens have asked me to be a voice for that majority and to stand up for their rights. My recent exoneration by a federal grand jury of citizens, following a blatantly rigged court hearing that took my law license, proves how bad things have gotten."

"These citizens also believe I also would finish the fight I began as County Attorney by locking down the border once and for all against the violent chaos there, and tackle other tough issues."

"They believe, furthermore, that I have a uniquely compelling message and would win if I ran."

Gov. Jan Brewer might be thinking about seeking a third term.

She served a partial first time, since she took over for Janet Napolitano in 2009, then she was re-elected.

Some political experts say the governor is still limited to two terms but others argue she may have a case in court.

"Am I burnt out? No. I love what I'm doing," Brewer said. "I think I could continue by making Arizona a better state to live - something in my blood I guess."

It will be up to the courts to interpret the Arizona constitution and decide whether Brewer is legally allowed to run again.

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