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Mayor, council each have powers


Residents in Dadeville were outraged when the council stripped the mayor of the authority to appoint people to key city positions like the police and fire chief.  They questioned whether the move was legal. But it appears state law does give councils the right to take appointment duties for themselves, under certain conditions.

This is not the first time this issue has arisen, but the interpretation of the law has changed.  Just last year, the state Supreme Court ruled the Fairfield City Council overreached when it stripped that city's mayor of the right to hire and fire city officials.  That ruling caused a stir in city halls across the state. 

The Alabama League of Municipalities spells out in detail guidelines on the issue in light of the ruling.  That can be found here and here

The Mayor of Montgomery retains the authority to appoint people to eight key positions, including the police and fire chief.  The rest of those positions are appointment by the City/County Personnel Board.  In Prattville, the Mayor recommends choices, on which the council votes whether to approve.

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