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Alabamians cross state line for Powerball tickets

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Are you in on the Powerball pandemonium? Nobody won the jackpot Saturday. That means Wednesday's top prize is up to $425 million, the largest jackpot ever for the game.

Nancy Miller says there's only one reason she would drive all the way from Pell City to a convenience store in Tallapoosa, Ga.

"To win this big Powerball. I got the winning ticket," Miller said, laughing.

It's not unusual for Ricky's Mart to find its parking lot full of Alabama plates, but that number is higher than usual. People are angling for their best shot at the Powerball lottery. They mark off five numbers, and a sixth Powerball number, all for $2 a play.

It's now a record jackpot: $425 million and climbing, for Wednesday's drawing.

"I was watching the news, they told us on there how many millions and I thought, man, I could use that money. So, we came in from Birmingham, to get our tickets," Mary Ann Bearden said.

Now filling a ticket out will raise your odds of winning just a little bit, but still right behind, say, getting hit by lightning. Your odds of winning the jackpot are normally one in more than 175 million, and that's on a regular day.

Still, it hasn't stopped some of these people from spending the bank deposit of their wildest dreams.

All of the Alabamians we met, on and off camera, said they would love to see the lottery in their home state. For now, that's not where their money is going.

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