Editorial: "Empower to Un-Power"

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - What a difference a week makes.  Last week ASU was celebrating the grand opening of their new stadium with the 89th annual Turkey Day Classic football game.  This week we are all left scratching our heads as Dr. Joseph Silver, ASU's current President was placed on paid administrative leave Monday evening by the university's board of trustees; a little over 2 months since taking the job.

It didn't take Dr. Silver long to state his case and I quote, "I think they (the board) know there is no reason for me to step down other than that I have raised a few questions about how resources are spent here and it is not all for the students."

This is all the more surprising given that the board conducted an exhaustive search for a year and half to find and replace the retiring ASU President William Harris.  Dr. Silver was their man…up until Monday.

A President once hired should be entrusted and empowered to ask questions, make decisions, and institute change for the betterment of the university.  That, at the moment, seems to be the point of contention and only time will tell what was at the bottom of this as the facts are revealed.

The board of trustees is now "on the clock" with the future of one man's career, one fine university's heritage and thousands of students and faculty left in wait as a decision is made on the President's office.  We strongly encourage Governor Bentley to conduct an immediate, independent, transparent investigation by a competent authority so we can put an end to speculation, make necessary changes and get back to educating at ASU.

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