State Democrats Open Montgomery Headquarters

Volunteers Unfold Campaign Signs
Volunteers Unfold Campaign Signs

John Kerry's campaign is officially underway in Alabama, earlier than any other presidential candidate in Alabama history. On Sat., state Democrats opened their Montgomery campaign headquarters off of Zelda Road.

It is a small office, but they have big aspirations. The goal to get Kerry, and every other Democratic candidate elected this November.

The Democrats had a difficult start, without any air conditioning or electricity. Many candidates themselves were there, trying to spruce up the place. On a hot Alabama day, that was quite a task. Volunteers say they don't care what the conditions are, they just want their fellow Alabamians to hear what they have to say.

Ted Hosp, Kerry's Alabama Campaign Director says, "I mean here we are on a Saturday in July. We're still a good ways out from the election and the fact that we can get 20-25 folks here to work on a day where it's going to be over 110 degrees with the heat index and no air conditioning. I think it says a great deal about how much enthusiasm we're going to have this year."

Democratic leaders say polls across the state encourage them. They say a strong majority of Alabamians think the country is headed in the wrong direction. Alabama Democrats also say they are not fighting a lost cause when it comes to getting the Kerry elected, despite widespread conservatism in the state.

Reporter: Matthew Simon