Montgomery's First Baptist Church Unveils New Sanctuary

First Baptist Church's new sanctuary
First Baptist Church's new sanctuary

The brand new sanctuary at downtown Montgomery's First Baptist Church is finally finished. The addition cost $23 million to build and is considered one of the most unique places to worship in the country.

The stained glass windows came from the same company that designed the windows in Washington's National Cathedral. And, the new organ has more than 4,000 pipes, making it one of the largest in the southeast.

Many church members saw the new sanctuary for the first time Sunday morning. "It's a joyous day. A glorious day. And obviously glory of god," said member Matt Bishop. "We're so thankful for this opportunity. It is such a blessing."

First Baptist's pastor, Dr. Jay Wolf, says he's proud of the new building, but he admits his ministry is not about "bricks and sticks." He hopes the facility will increase church membership and stewardship in the community.

Reporter: Matthew Simon