Editorial: "Viewer Feedback: ASU"

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Our editorials focusing on the situation at ASU sparked a number of responses on wsfa.com and on our station's Facebook page.

The first comment is from H.L. and he writes, "Let Dr. Silver give the facts as he knows them to the Governor and with that info the Governor can move forward to get to the bottom of the situation. NOTHING is to be swept under the rug…waiting on the results."

Scott responded, "I don't think Knight and his cronies are smart enough to cover it all up … Their hand prints will be found all over this mess. Any decent investigator will find more than enough evidence to prove the fraud and the cover up plot taking place at ASU. The Governor will take care of business. He has now been given an open invitation to dive in and clean house. More power to him!"

Bill added, "Unfortunately a good person can be made to look bad by lies, destroyed documents, falsified documents, etc. I believe the key to the right solution is the Governor. But will the Governor do the right thing, or the politically expedient thing? "

And finally a viewer responded, "When will the "good ole boys" tactic stop.......Dr. Silver was hired to do a job....Let him do it. This means stop controlling … this situation is very similar to the "Board of Education…"

As always, we encourage and appreciate your feedback.

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