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Dog whose throat was slit to stop barking now rescued

ROME, GA (CBS46) -

Barking is a beautiful sound from Monika Wesolowski's newest family addition. For a while veterinarians didn't know if the dog would be able to bark after someone abused the pup.

"How can you not love him? Plus of course his story, seeing those wounds - that was the first moment I was like 'I want this dog to have a better life,'" said Wesolowski.

She adopted the dog named Braveheart. In July, CBS Atlanta News first met the pup and it was the same time Wesolowski also met him.

The Animal Rescue League of Northwest Georgia saved the pit bull mix from a local county shelter.

"The story I got when I picked him up from the shelter was the neighbors had been complaining that he barked so much and their belief is one of the neighbor's slit his throat," said Cathy Roth with the Animal Rescue League of Northwest Georgia.

Wesolowski volunteers with the rescue group and offered to take him home to help him recover. He became part of the family. Braveheart is now completely healed.

"He hasn't shown aggression toward anyone," said Wesolowski.

The 67 pound dog can jump so high, Wesolowski had to replace her fence with a 6 1/2-foot tall fence.

Braveheart's story touched so many people she was able to raise the money for the fence in nine days. She wants his success to bring attention to animal abuse.

"I can't imagine the fear. I don't know how anyone could do that. People need to see the reality of it. It's not all fuzzies, kisses and love," said Wesolowski.

The person who slit Braveheart's throat has never been caught. The Animal Rescue League of NW Georgia is offering a $2,500 reward in the case.

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