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Class Act: Prattville Jr. High


He's in his first year teaching and already he's a student favorite.  If you're wondering how Bryant Hall ended up in the classroom, you could say he got a parental push.    "It's something my father wanted us to do," Hall said.  "My older brother, he pushed it on him first.  He didn't push it on my middle brother but he did me."

Looks like father knows best.  A student nominated Mr. Hall for the Class Act award.  The student said Mr. Hall will always put a smile on your face and he'll work with students until they get it.   Mr. Hall looks forward to coming to class every day.   "The day goes by fast, it's never the same, and you never know what the kids will do."  And he really enjoys this age group.    "They're not out of control yet, they are starting to get there,  but not yet."

Congratulations to Mr. Bryant Hall, this weeks Class Act.

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