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Montgomery Academy graduate signs debut novel at Capitol Books & News

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This comes from Capitol Book and News.

The book signing will take place at Capitol Book and News on Saturday, December 15 from Noon until 2:00 p.m.

Still an undergraduate at Rhodes College in Memphis, Tennessee, Montgomery native Oliver L. Haynes IV conceived of his debut novel, THE SEARING VEIL (328 pp., tpb, $ 14.95), at the age of 18. After four years of writing and re-writing, Haynes has crafted a story unlike any other: a story of intrigue and adventure; of truth and deceit; of hope and fate. It is a story that takes us across a fantastic world of fading existence, ultimately seeking to re-inspire a sense of purpose in living.

At its core, The Searing Veil is a journey, not only through the rich landscape of Haynes' post-apocalyptic world, but also a journey of character development and revelation. When, one day, a mysterious and eccentric Lucien appears in the dark of Adullam's caverns, its people are set in disarray. As desperation in their struggle for survival mounts, Lucien primes himself to be the fulcrum upon which the fate of Adullam balances; yet there is ever the question of Lucien's true allegiance as an ancient enemy seeks to claim the last vestige of freedom on the Earth.

Much of the book's impetus draws from Haynes' own adventures.  "I went abroad after graduating from high school," he told a Staff Writer for Rhodes' Newspaper, "to New Zealand and to India. I did social work there and just had these extraordinary adventures. The follow up to all of that expressed itself through my writing." Though the setting of The Searing Veil takes place in a future, disaster ridden Earth, Haynes' vivid landscape imagery is a clear derivation of the various locales of his travels. His narrative and description carry a cinematic grace, which immerses us into his world, takes us captive, and doesn't release us until the very end.

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