Editorial: "The More Eyes the Better"

Right now, the more eyes we can put on ASU's past and current contracts, expenditures and relationships between public and private officials the clearer the picture we will have when the investigation concludes.  That's why we support the three Alabama Legislators that have submitted a request for school's financial records under the Freedom of Information Act.

Senator Dick Brewbaker, Representative Jay Love and Senator Trip Pittman, chairs of the House and Senate committees responsible for education policy and budgeting, believe it is their duty to reassure the public of the transparency of contractual expenditures at state education institutions.

In order for ASU to fully regain the trust of the students, faculty and the community at large, an action such as this by individuals not associated or aligned with the university needed to happen.  As it stands now, there are those that are not satisfied with the temporary reinstatement of a president that presided over the university during what are now periods in question. There are others that question the contracting with same auditing firm that did work for the university during these same times.

These additional legislative eyes on all things ASU will hopefully lead to a clear path of belief, discovery and recovery in the New Year.  We look forward to their comments and findings.

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